The 90 day challenge


Our flagship programme giving you the tools to take control of your diet, exercise and mindset. With the full support of your trainer, the team and fellow 90 day members, we’re confident we can acheive your fitness goals!

Our tried and tested challenge has already helped so many and has been carefully curated to get the best out of you. This journey is more than just a kick up the backside, it’s an education about how small changes can make such a big difference!! You’ve already completed the first challenge, now it’s time to commit…

Still unsure..

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What to expect

12 week programme at home or in the gym

Nutritional Guidance

Tailored meal plan to your lifestyle

Weekly meeting


Fortnightly weigh-in & photos


Private Whatsapp Group

Ask questions and share tips and tricks

Full Access to Silvaback Fitness Online

Live classes, recipes, tracking and more



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“I’ve just finished the Silvaback Fitness 90 day challenge and I’m feeling great! I have lost an impressive 2.4st, 3 inches from my thighs and arms, 5inches from my hips and bust and 6 inches from my waist! This plan is not about diets and hours in the gym, thank goodness! Gene has amazing knowledge and advice on nutrition and fitness, whatever your ability! And such a great motivator for those times you feel like giving up! I started this just wanting to lose a couple of stone and finished not only achieving that but also so much more. Increased energy levels, better sleep and massively helped my lower back pain. The 90 days may be up, but I will be continuing this balanced lifestyle. If you are looking to shift some lockdown weight I would seriously recommend.”


“Right, so what did I want from the Silvaback Fitness. 90 day challenge?? So, few things happened to me over the years I wanted to change. My body that I was not happy with and fitness has always been a problem. But this challenge gave me focus and a new group of friends. I wanted to push myself to my limits. It was not just about losing weight, more like building muscle up, better definition, posture, and flexibility. My back feels so much stronger now and my flexibility is amazing especially when I play golf now. I have a lot more confidence with my shirt off whereas before I would not take my top off. So another plus Gene has taught me and my kids, is healthier eating habits, better nutrition and food prep. My weight has always varied pending the mood. I weighed 96kg at the start, I now weigh 88kg, gained muscle definition in my back and arms. So, all in all I am well happy and will carry on my journey. Plus, a great group of friends who push themselves every day, running home workouts, post in our group what they done or eaten whatever it just gets you going! Peace out. JT”