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Hear from some of our success stories


“I’ve just finished the Silvaback Fitness 90 day challenge and I’m feeling great! I have lost an impressive 2.4st, 3 inches from my thighs and arms, 5inches from my hips and bust and 6 inches from my waist! This plan is not about diets and hours in the gym, thank goodness! Gene has amazing knowledge and advice on nutrition and fitness, whatever your ability! And such a great motivator for those times you feel like giving up! I started this just wanting to lose a couple of stone and finished not only achieving that but also so much more. Increased energy levels, better sleep and massively helped my lower back pain. The 90 days may be up, but I will be continuing this balanced lifestyle. If you are looking to shift some lockdown weight I would seriously recommend.”


“I was looking for a personal trainer to help me get fitter and lose about 4 stone in weight. I have got to say, Gene is a real professional, knows his stuff and is hugely passionate about supporting people to achieve their goals. It also helps that he is a genuinely nice bloke. I have been working with Gene for 8 months and lost 35lbs, feel loads fitter, built some muscle mass, and look a lot slimmer. I have always struggled with lower back pain and bad knees; know I am doing exercises that I would not have thought possible and the pain has subsided dramatically. There is no way I would have achieved this without Genes support and professionalism.”


‘’Over the last few years Gene has helped me change my relationship with exercise and fitness by giving me both accountability and unwavering support even when I had gained a few pounds! He has helped me realise that weight loss and training isn’t a perfect journey, there are ups and downs, but with the right support system in place anything is possible. The 90 day challenge gave me the push and support I needed to help me lose a few extra pounds whilst making some wonderful new friends along the way!’


‘After treating the first part of lockdown like it was an all inclusive holiday, pretty much eating and drinking everything in the cupboards, I felt the time was right to make some changes. I was feeling lethargic, uncomfortable and in desperate need of some goals and focus during this period of uncertainty.

I attended Gene’s boot camps prior to lockdown and really enjoyed the energy, support and motivation he gave. I’d seen the changes the first 12 week cohort had had and thought I’d give it a try. So glad I did!

Personally tailored plans according to my goals, tasty menus, online zoom classes and weekly or daily check ins and catch ups from Gene have made this enjoyable (I wouldn’t say easy!). But put in the commitment and you will be rewarded. I’m so happy to have finished my first 12 weeks, I have more energy, feel confident about myself and more importantly, I’m looking forward to my next 12 weeks! Thanks Silvaback for helping me to realise my goals and believe in myself!’


“My wife joined Silvaback Fitness 90 day challenge and after just a few weeks I noticed considerable change in her body and her energy levels! This inspired me to join in and although late to the party, I also have seen amazing results to my body. My mood and energy are so much higher, and my aches and pains have become less! Nutritionally, I feel so much better with the food that I have been putting in my body. Could not recommend Silvaback Fitness enough, this experience has given me the knowledge to carry on living a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing all the things I love. Massive thank you to Gene for being such a great inspiration and always leading by example.”


“The main reason I did this challenge was to help bin nasty habits. I hated the kitchen; I was a stress binge eater and drinker and had zero discipline. My health had taken a back seat. Like many I am a mum of two, until recently I worked 5 days a week, I am studying and trying to write a book. I was burning out! Working out and healthy eating is now something I WANT to do. It fits into my daily routine like a glove and my energy levels have shot through the roof. I have lost a stone since starting training with Silvaback Fitness, 6lbs lost during the challenge. Gene kicks my ass and tells me straight. I tried for years to do it on my own and struggled. It is OK to ask for help!”


“Right, so what did I want from the Silvaback Fitness. 90 day challenge?? So, few things happened to me over the years I wanted to change. My body that I was not happy with and fitness has always been a problem. But this challenge gave me focus and a new group of friends. I wanted to push myself to my limits. It was not just about losing weight, more like building muscle up, better definition, posture, and flexibility. My back feels so much stronger now and my flexibility is amazing especially when I play golf now. I have a lot more confidence with my shirt off whereas before I would not take my top off. So another plus Gene has taught me and my kids, is healthier eating habits, better nutrition and food prep. My weight has always varied pending the mood. I weighed 96kg at the start, I now weigh 88kg, gained muscle definition in my back and arms. So, all in all I am well happy and will carry on my journey. Plus, a great group of friends who push themselves every day, running home workouts, post in our group what they done or eaten whatever it just gets you going! Peace out. JT”


6 months after having her second child. As you can see, Chloe come a long way and there are no signs of slowing down. If anyone says they cannot find the time, then its BS. She is a mother of two while working, and training for multiple runs. I am sure she will tell you it is not easy but well worth the hard work. Big kudos Chloe. Keep on moving forward. Gene 


I try to encourage my clients not to focus too much on their weight. Weight can be a great tool to measure progress, however it is not all about how many kg you have lost. These two photos are a great example of the progress my client has made over the past few months. She has built muscle and lost fat while still weighing about the same – Gene


“I started training with Gene to help improve my core stability, straightness, and overall strength for dressage. Gene took the time to understand what I was looking to achieve and individually tailored each session to ensure I am always progressing to reach my goals. Gene approaches every session with great positivity and energy, always encouraging me to push myself that step further. His sessions are always well planned, varied, and dynamic. Since I started training with Gene, it has had a considerable effect on my riding. Both my riding straightness and core stability have significantly improved. If you are looking for a conscientious, positive personal trainer who is willing to listen to your goals and work with you to achieve them, I highly recommend Gene.”


“Working with Gene for the last three months has been great both physically and mentally for me. Losing weight is fantastic but my improved fitness and energy levels are what I have noticed more than anything. So nice to have someone who pushes you both physically and mentally whilst being supportive throughout. I have achieved so much in the last 3 months without having to cut out the things I love. Highly recommend Silvaback Fitness and Gene as a motivational, honest, knowledgeable and f****** awesome trainer.”


‘’When I finished Silvaback 90 day challenge I felt on top of this world. Gene is an amazing fitness coach and was there to help me every step of the way on my journey. I have always struggled to loose weight due to medication but with Gene I lost over 1 and a half stone and I have gained so much more confidence which has made me so happy. I now see this ‘diet’ as a lifestyle and will continue it forever! Thank you so much Gene! I couldn’t have done it without you’’